#Webinar : Identify people with a strong potential to grow

Thursday 29th of June – 10:15am GMT London

A candidate’s technical skills, their aptitude and personality make it possible to anticipate their ability to succeed. In the long term, it is really their motivation that determines their commitment to your company.

How do you evaluate their motivation effectively, beyond a normal interview process?
How do you distinguish dynamic motivation from protective motivation?
How do you make sure that these are well aligned with the culture of your workplace and working conditions? What will be the impact for your other colleagues?

In this Webinar : 

  • Hard Skills Vs Soft Skills.
  • The 3 essential characteristics of collaborators who evolve
  • How to identify them reliably and quickly
  • Transform the trial with success (From Assessment to taking the role)
I’m free, I’ll register 




John Hughes
+44 20 8068 2924

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