I’m always really excited to see the public attending conferences on innovation, new technologies and how they’ll transform our way of working. The latest presentations I’ve led on new methods of assessment (predictive recruitment) have prompted the same reactions. I can put them into 3 phrases: “The whole world is so attached to their decision-making power that they forget why

Recruiters often focus on the job description - writing the recruitment advertisement to determine what they expect of candidates. This guides the way in which they operate the first sorting of CVs and, later, evaluation of the applications. But are we sure of the quality of the information that is found in these job descriptions? What does a recruitment advertisement contain? When recruiters see

Today, everybody knows that performance is more about attitude than hard skills. Indeed, if hard skills can be learnt, attitude is far more difficult to change… And, as you probably have experienced lots of times : ca is Everything ! It commands the way we behave, the way we interact, with our colleagues, our bosses, our customers… with everybody! There are

Whether you’re on one side or the other of the barrier (the one who wants to “climb” OR the one who “gives good pointers”, it’s crucial to understand that natural performance is not the only criteria that commands (which should command…) the fact that a person will climb the ladder in the workplace. Today, many studies in psychology have highlighted

Everyone is hearing more and more about predictive recruitment. This new type of recruitment is allowing businesses everywhere to anticipate the capabilities of their candidates and their team members so that they can maximize their efficiency on the job. At AssessFirst, we have a firm belief that the combination of Big Data and human resources is not a new wave

What do we know about motivation in 2016? If the topic is addressed for decades, it nevertheless remains a general principle still too abstract, which is “to inspire people to get involved”. This requires, according to traditional research, for compensation and recognition to an individual. Yet, when we look at recent psychology studies, this is not what we should remember to

Certain groups of people are statistically less likely to land certain jobs, or are more likely to have a shorter job term. It is possible to say that this outcome is inevitable. Yet, certain solutions allow a more equal recruitment style, thanks to unique list of criteria than those of traditional recruiters. A process that could allow businesses to recruit

When hiring a new employee, it is usually to fill a present need. Whether it’s for the software development team, marketing department, or business development team, all companies are confronted with hiring challenges that they must handle immediately. However, If you’re stuck being reactive to your hiring needs, you might miss this important truth: the key to a successful hire involves