What is it to recruit someone these days? What are companies looking for from prospective candidates? Experience? A good CV? Someone who’s stayed in a company for a long time or someone who’s worked in various different environments? What answers are they looking from a prospective interview? What knowledge will they gain from asking set questions which often suggest stock

Today, everybody knows that performance is more about attitude than hard skills. Indeed, if hard skills can be learnt, attitude is far more difficult to change… And, as you probably have experienced lots of times : ca is Everything ! It commands the way we behave, the way we interact, with our colleagues, our bosses, our customers… with everybody! There are

Faced with the digital transformation, not all companies are playing on equal terms….Those who do make a successful transition have the ability to attract and retain very specific profiles… Grow your business by recruiting the right people Who are the high potential candidates? Why are they more suited than others to “Digital Culture”? How to identify them in the pre-selection phase?

90 seconds. It doesn’t take more than 90 seconds for a candidate to decide whether or not to apply for the job offer. What elements are the most important for candidates? Are there factors that are an outright liability? Ultimately, do your job ads play in your favour or against you when it comes to finding the right candidates? The Webinar

There is pandemonium in recruitment! Methods are diversifying and technologies are redesigning the process outline. To the point of forgetting a resume and interview for hiring? Not sure. To find their future department head in Lille, Lidl reserved “Atelier des Chefs”, a place where they can propose cooking courses. Far from presenting themselves, the candidates had to realise, by group,

While the predictive approach allows recruitment professionals to radically improve the effectiveness of their selection processes, it nevertheless needs to be applied in a very rigorous way. Here are the 7 commandments that you should follow closely to ensure the successful implementation of your predictive recruitment projects. #1 Define your objectives Do you want to recruit better performing workers? More committed ones?

  When hiring a new employee, it is, obviously, to meet a need that we encounter here and now. Whether it’s software development, marketing, or business development, all companies are confronted with challenges that they must face immediately. However, all recruiters know that the key to a really successful recruitment involves selecting people capable of evolving to meet the challenges that

When hiring a new employee, it is usually to fill a present need. Whether it’s for the software development team, marketing department, or business development team, all companies are confronted with hiring challenges that they must handle immediately. However, If you’re stuck being reactive to your hiring needs, you might miss this important truth: the key to a successful hire involves

  The freedom of choice is a personal liberty in Western countries. The progress of our society is sure to maximize our individual freedom by maximizing our choices. When people have freedom, they have autonomy in their daily decision making and this improves the wellbeing of everyone.   The more we’re free, the greater our welfare… A study by Mark Lipper and Sheena Iyengar