#AFWebinar : Recruit Profiles adapted to “Digital Culture”

Faced with the digital transformation, not all companies are playing on equal terms….Those who do make a successful transition have the ability to attract and retain very specific profiles…

Grow your business by recruiting the right people

  • Who are the high potential candidates?
  • Why are they more suited than others to “Digital Culture”?
  • How to identify them in the pre-selection phase?
  • Is there a ‘typical profile” – or are they are other ways to succeed?

During this webinar, you will discover:

#1 – What distinguishes “Digital-Compatible” profiles
#2 – How to identify them reliably?
#3 – How to recruit them?

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You’ll also discover the brand new algorithm developed by AssessFirst to instantly find “Digital Compatible” profiles within your pool of candidates or staff internally…..

This Webinar will be presented by David Bernard, CEO and founder of AssessFirst and John Hughes, Account Manager.

Your feeling after this Webinar… 

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