Manage your recruitments entirely with AssessFirst

Everyday for the past 24 months, we have have been reinventing the way in which companies recruit and develop their talents, making the best possible predictive recruitment solutions available to them.


Today, with the new AssessFirst development that has just been released, we go even further by including:

    • Create your own predictive models with an intelligent assistant.
    • Efficiently manage the flow of your candidates with a completely redesigned campaign system.
    • Validate your collaborators’ mobility projects internally with a new “Mobility” menu.

And to top it all off, we have redone a little graphic pass on the app so that it is even easier for you to access essential information.

#1 – Create your own predictive models with our intelligent assistant


Thanks to the intelligent assistant we’ve included in AssessFirst, you can now create predictive models reliably – in less than 3 minutes – for each other the positions you’re recruiting for.

Simply answer a dozen or so questions about the projects, or more about the work conditions offered. Your answers are automatically analysed then transformed into a powerful predictive model that you can use to recruit or develop your internal talents.


#2 – Manage your candidate flow more effectively


By clicking on the “Recruitments” link from the left menu on the screen, you can access all your recruitment campaigns. From here, you can effectively manage received applications by assigning a status to each one.

  • Pending: The candidate has been registered but has not yet started their assessments.
  • In consideration: The candidate has completed at least one of the assessments sent.
  • Rejected: You consider the candidate unmatched to the position expectations.
  • Shortlisted: The candidate matches expectations and will go further…
  • Recruited: The candidate has been retained and you hope to work with him/her.

For each application, you now have 5 indicators

  • Global Fit score:  General candidate compatibility with the position.
  • A Shape Fit score: Candidate’s personality match to expectations.
  • Drive Fit score: Candidate’s motivations match to expectations.
  • Brain Fit score: Candidate’s aptitudes match to expectations.
  • Manager Fit score: Candidate’s working style compared to the style of leadership of the person who will manage him/her.

Connect now to discover the new platform improvements!

Thank you for using AssessFirst <3

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