What candidates really think about your job offer?

90 seconds. It doesn’t take more than 90 seconds for a candidate to decide whether or not to apply for the job offer. What elements are the most important for candidates? Are there factors that are an outright liability? Ultimately, do your job ads play in your favour or against you when it comes to finding the right candidates?

The Webinar on the 25th of January was the occasion to see the results of the first major AssessFirst survey we conducted with several thousand candidates on the subject.

We are nice, we offer to see or review the replay of this webinar that will allow you to know:

  • What elements are candidates responsive to when they study a job offer?
  • What details can be off-putting?
  • What factors push them to apply directly?
  • What criteria do you put forward to make them hyper-attractive?
  • What does the ideal job offer look like?

Build on the success of my recruitments

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