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When hiring a new employee, it is, obviously, to meet a need that we encounter here and now. Whether it’s software development, marketing, or business development, all companies are confronted with challenges that they must face immediately. However, all recruiters know that the key to a really successful recruitment involves selecting people capable of evolving to meet the challenges that the company will face tomorrow, in the future far and near.


#1 – Today, skills last 2 years

Regularly conducted studies attest to a striking fact: after 2 years, nearly 50% of technical skills that individuals possess are no longer relevant. This problem is what is called the phenomenon of obsolescence of skills. Indeed, with the accelerated pace at which changes occur in the world of work, the skills that are now considered fundamental may no longer be suitable 24 months later.


#2 – Why you need to be interested in the potential of your candidates

If we cannot rely on what people are capable of doing today, what does one base selection decisions on? The best way to recruit people able to adapt is to select them not from their technical skills but from their potential. Obviously, those selected will be able to do the work that the company offers them today, but should above all have this ability and also the desire to learn and grow over time.


#3 – The three pillars of potential

Today, potential is defined by three key elements: skills, motivation, and personality. Skills equivocate to what a person CAN do. They refer to the person’s ability to process information to which it has access. Motivation returns the reasons for what a person WANTS to do. They correspond to the fundamental needs that characterize the person and that they will seek to meet every day. Finally, personality tells you HOW a person will behave naturally. In fact, it directly determines behaviors that the person presents naturally – without force – whether in normal circumstances or stress.


#4 – It is crucial to establish the right selection criteria

The equation that recruiters must solve is not simple. Indeed, when recruiting on potential, there are 2 requirements to meet. The first is to choose a person able to meet the needs of the moment. In order to do this, you must have correctly identified the variables that cause some in this job to be successful, and also what causes some to struggle. This should allow you to create a list of specific criteria. On the other hand, you should also look at the traits that characterize the candidates who are found to be most capable of evolution.


#5 – The 3 characteristics of people who are changing faster and farther

Of course we can always assume that potential is contextual, we can have potential for some jobs but not others. With that said, there are 3 criteria that we can use to identify individuals who are consistently able to evolve to the changes that companies face.

They understand better and learn faster. By that, they get their bearings by taking an aptitude test. There are particular criteria for assessing this particular ability, by what is called the General Mental Aptitude. Numerous psychology studies have shown that people who score high on such tests succeed in courses and training that are offered.

This is set in motion by stimulating motivation. In fact, there are two types of people: those who play to win and those who play to avoid losing. Only the first type are truly geared towards change and creativity. Obviously, a person is rarely characterized by a single type of motivation. However, we all have a preferred orientation. Therefore, only select people are mostly action and change oriented.

Finally, they are characterized by strong self-leadership. The most progressive employees are truly able to demonstrate strong pro-activity. They know how to prompt action and activity. They also take responsibility for their actions and show initiative, even when the chances of success are not certain. This is good news, because this self-leadership can easily be apprehended through a personality test.


To conclude…

Selecting those that will make the company successful is not easy, and the role of recruiters is particularly crucial in that respect. To fulfill this mission, it is essential that recruiters use reliable and objective data as well as their experience. In fact, it is when these two types of information are used jointly that the best recruiting results can be observed.



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