#AFWebinar | The Right Fit: Recruiting for Values and Culture ft. Glassdoor

Candidates now have unprecedented access to information about your company, your values, your culture than ever before. They are looking to work in an environment that suits their personality and values. And this goes both ways – what do you know about them before you conduct an interview, how do you identify their values, culture, motivation and talents to fit with your company?

HR Values | AssessFirst’s webinar featuring with Glassdoor

In this webinar, with Glassdoor, we will be discussing:

  • What are candidates looking for in an employer?
  • How you can improve the candidate experience
  • What do candidates want to know from you – what do you want to know from the candidate?
  • How to identify your candidates’ values and talents to match with your job description

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Join us for this webinar on the 11th of April, Register here and join the conversation!!


This Webinar will be presented by John Hughes, Account Manager (AssessFirst) in partnership with Anthony Maher, EMEA Sales Manager (Glassdoor).

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