CIPD 2016 : London calling for Predictive Recruitment

standcipd.002On June 15th and 16th, we went to London for the CIPD Recruitment Exhibition to present our innovations and our recruitment vision on the other side of the channel.

The achievement was to meet with more than 200 visitors at our stand. The concept of Predictive Recruitment mainly attracts the curiosity of participants at the exhibition. We created the concept and the method more than 2 years ago, and a lot of projects are now in place for a number of clients like Toyota or BHV, but we found that Predictive Recruitment is still a distant concept on the English market. The participants were even surprised of all the possibilities offered by the AssessFirst platform all while remaining simple and easy to use.

20160616_145932Simon Baron, our Chief Scientist & Innovator, presented in detail the latest innovations in recruitment during a sold out showcase. He also discussed the 4 founding principles of Predictive Recruitment, describing the steps needed to achieve an efficient and reliable predictive model, and concluding with the results of the model that our clients come to get. The greatest strength of this tool is that results are observable and measurable objectively. On average, a Predictive Recruitment process increases the performance of new recruits by 25%, reduces recruitment time by 30%, while reducing turnover by 50%.

We would like to thank everyone who came to our booth to share and discover the lasted HR innovations like Predictive Recruitment. We look forward to returning to London for an upcoming event!

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