Assessing for Future Performance: The Art of Predictive Hiring

Predict performance and commitment… right from the pre-selection stage.
Its becoming increasingly prominent that everyday, more and more people are looking at what their future holds and questioning what personal and professional projects they are working towards, and with peoples career moves becoming a bigger focus, looking into future plans when hiring is a natural business approach. Obviously with this in mind, engagement is as important to the process as it is complex. Before you recruit somebody, you can anticipate their ability to deliver results from an operational point of view, but can you also anticipate their ability to make a long-term commitment to you?

In this intimate speaker and networking breakfast event for 30 management-level in-house recruitment professionals, we will discuss topics such as work performance, employee engagement and prediction in a recruitment context. Our roundtable discussions will provide an additional opportunity to discuss predictive hiring with like-minded peers.

What’s being discussed?

  • Work performance
  • Employee engagement
  • Prediction in a recruitment context
  • And much more…

Who will be attending?
This speaker & networking breakfast event is exclusively for 30 In-house recruitment/HR professionals from a variety of companies including, Alta flora, Anico Financial Services, Asahi, ASOS, Bennett Hay, BNY Mellon, CBRE, D UK, ex BP, Freya Comprehensive Fire Solutions, Graphcore, iTech Media, Itim, Passle, RedCloud, Spencer Ogden, Spotify, WeWork, Zendesk….to name but a few!

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