AssessFirst opens a subsidiary in the United States and marks a major milestone in its international expansion

Paris, April 15th, 2016 – AssessFirst, a major provider of predictive recruitment solutions, has established a presence on the US market, thus marking a major milestone in its international expansion. After successfully establishing itself in France and Europe, this foothold will allow AssessFirst to continue to roll out solutions to a global client and user base. In this context, SmartRecruiters has invited AssessFirst to participate in the Hiring Success Conference that will take place on April 26, in San Francisco.

Great ambitions in the US…

The opening of a subsidiary in the United States is part of the company’s continued international expansion, and responds to a growing global demand by companies for predictive recruitment solutions.

The AssessFirst predictive recruitment solution allows companies to anticipate a candidate’s or an employee’s potential for job success and fulfilment by building on data analysis of over 1,000,000 profiles of candidates, employees and recruiters.

According to David Bernard, CEO of AssessFirst: “thanks to technologies that we have developed and fine-tuned for over 13 years, we now have a significant head start in the race toward performance prediction and well-being in the workplace.”

With over 3,500 clients and 7,260 recruiters who used AssessFirst for the first time in 2015, the company is now considered one of the key players in predictive recruitment and predictive talent management. The company is expected to achieve a 50% growth in its turnover in 2016.

We have a large number of clients in France, for example, AXA, Lafarge and Carrefour, and worldwide such as Toyota, Olympus and Century 21. Now, we would like to go even further and speed up our international expansion, in particular, in the United States, where we see a lot of potential for our predictive recruiting solutions“, notes Arnaud Caupin, General Manager of AssessFirst.

…and an objective to raise funds by the end of 2016

AssessFirst’s foothold in the US market is a key step in its development strategy. The company is counting on expanding its activity across the American market and aims to raise funds by the end of the year.

We are going to continue our growth in Europe and sell our solutions directly in the United States. One of our objectives was to create links with potential investors that are ready to support and accompany us in this new challenge”, adds Alexis Teplitchi, COO of AssessFirst.

Riding on this success, AssessFirst entered into a partnership in March with SmartRecruiters, the US leader in recruitment applications.

As part of AssessFirst’s development across the American market, it has been invited by its partner, SmartRecruiters, to their next conference:

Hiring Success

26 April 2016

At the Marriott Union Square in San Francisco

This will be the occasion for AssessFirst to meet close to 200 recruitment players and to present exclusively its predictive talent analysis solutions across the American market.

Moreover, this conference will allow AssessFirst to conclude new agreements with clients and partners in the United States.


About AssessFirst

AssessFirst has developed a predictive recruitment solution allowing companies to predict how well candidates and employees will succeed and thrive in their job. The AssessFirst solution analyses data on over 1,000,000 profiles, whether candidates, employees or recruitment professionals. Today, over 3,500 companies use the AssessFirst solution to raise their performance by up to 25%, drive down their recruitment costs by 20% and reduce their employee turnover rate by 50%.

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