AssessFirst is going (even) further in predictive recruitment by taking into account the affinity between people

Paris, 20 September 2016

AssessFirst,which specialises in predictive recruitment, launches Affinity. Based on the recruitment principles of professional affinity, this new service anticipates people’s ability to work together. AssessFirst has, therefore, enhanced the added value to its solutions (SHAPE, BRAIN and DRIVE) and has once more revolutionised recruitment by replacing the interpersonal dimension at the heart of the process.


Anticipating people’s ability to work together

Affinity allows recruiters and managers to assess the professional affinity between two people (for example, between two internal employees or a candidate and their future manager).

From the results obtained with the different solutions (SHAPE for employees’ personality, BRAIN for their aptitude and DRIVE for their motivation), AssessFirst offers to cross-reference the information collected on two people who could potentially work together.

The objective is to visualise the professional affinity between these two persons.

Affinity incorporates the professional affinity recruitment principles, which consist in:

  • taking into account the personality and motivations of a candidate,
  • measuring the probability of their compatibility with colleagues or the manager during a recruitment.

“It is not an additional solution, but rather, information that is available on the account of each user. An HRD or a manager can check the affinity between two people, for example, between a candidate and their future manager. In concrete terms, this gives an estimated percentage score of the compatibility between two people. The result describes in details the seven aspects of the collaboration: the degree of commitment, interactions with or the contributions of each one to the team, etc.”, notes David Bernard, CEO of AssessFirst.


Good relationship, the key to company’s performance

The service is based on a basic premise: interpersonal skills and good understanding are key factors in a company’s performance. The quality of work relationships can make or break the success of a company.

But, good relationship is a complex concept: two identical profiles may not get along professionally, while two completely different profiles may work well together. The notion of complementarity should not be abandoned.

Affinity’s mission is, therefore, to bring the visibility of future employees to HRDs during their recruitment as well as to managers during their managerial selections.

“A company’s success does not only depend on the aptitude and personalities of its employees, but also on their ability to get along and work in harmony with others. It is, therefore, essential for an HRD or a manager to reliably anticipate whether or not it will be pleasant or easy to work with a specific person”, adds David Bernard, CEO of Assess First.



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