AssessFirst is changing its offers to better cater to SMEs and start-ups

Paris, the 20th of March 2017

With the success of its online sales which increased by 100% in 2016, AssessFirst, the leading provider of predictive recruitment services in France, is today simplifying its online services offers to better respond to the needs and expectations of its clients. The company is now offering subscription packages directly from its website. This change makes it possible to more effectively address SMEs and start-ups who want to combine recruitment and efficiency.

Making access to predictive recruitment easier for SMEs and start-ups

In 2016, AssessFirst recorded an increase in activity of 53% compared to 2015. Since this result was driven by a 100% increase in online sales, AssessFirst has decided to update its offers. The objective: to better meet its different clients’ expectations.

Having long been used by HR directors in large companies, predictive recruitment is now seducing SMEs and start-ups more and more. To meet this demand, AssessFirst has therefore chosen to offer monthly subscriptions without ongoing contracts, allowing businesses to access the solution that best meets their needs.

This change was primarily motivated by AssessFirst’s desire that all users can benefit – without any limitations – from the full power of this solution. Thanks to these subscriptions, users can now evaluate an unlimited number of candidates, over a minimum period of one month.

“The subscription formula allows access to all the functionalities of the platform for a month-long period without any restrictions on volume. Clients can send as many evaluations as they want and access all the associated reports”, adds David Bernard, CEO of AssessFirst.

Transforming social network contacts into valuable candidates

Social networks (professional or otherwise) are today proving themselves to be the number 1 solution for sourcing the best candidates on the market. They are a one-stop shop for all the essential information for the recruiter, like the CV, skills, recommendations, profile descriptions etc…

In this sense, AssessFirst’s solution is the ideal complement for platforms like LinkedIn. Here, candidates evaluate their potential and can reveal their soft skills, essentially all the critical information to be able to evaluate their future success in the roles they’re aiming for.

Thanks to predictive recruitment algorithms, recruiters can now carry out preselections of candidate quality and concentrate directly on the candidates that best match their needs, and who have the highest potential to succeed and thrive in the business. In this way, the new subscription system allows recruiters to access all the indispensable information to succeed in their recruitment by instantly finding the candidates who have the best chance of success with them.

“We make it a point of honour that candidates find the jobs that best match their talents, where they’re most able to succeed and thrive while developing their skills. Equally, this allows businesses to stop wasting time and to find higher-performing and more committed employees who will fit in with the company’s culture” specifies David Bernard.

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