AssessFirst becomes a SmartRecruiters partner

Paris; 10 March 2016 – AssessFirst, a major provider of predictive recruitment solutions, has announced its partnership with international recruitment platform SmartRecruiters. AssessFirst is thereby simplifying the use of its solutions for a growing number of customers and breaking into the US market.

Since 2002, AssessFirst has been developing solutions for assessing employees’ personality, motivations and aptitudes. Its solutions are used during recruitment campaigns and appraisals, and enable companies to predict how well candidates and employees will succeed in their job.

Empowered by its success in Europe, the French start-up is breaking into the US market by becoming a partner to the SmartRecruiters recruitment platform. Integration into the US firm’s marketplace will enable AssessFirst to broaden and simplify access to its solutions. Each recruitment company using SmartRecruiters can now send AssessFirst evaluations and view the results directly in the SmartRecruiters platform.

Automating the tool allows for easier and more responsive tracking of the predictive recruitment process.

Customers can see the integrated solution at the SmartRecruiters stand at the HR Tech World show in London on 15 and 16 March.

When SmartRecruiters broke into the European market, we saw how our products complemented each other and we have incorporated our solutions into their marketplace. Teaming up with SmartRecruiters is our gateway into the US market and a way of reinforcing our innovative corporate image and especially demonstrating our high-tech credentials,” advises David Bernard, CEO of AssessFirst.


About AssessFirst

AssessFirst has developed a predictive recruitment solution allowing companies to predict how well candidates and employees will succeed and thrive in their job.

The AssessFirst solution analyses data on over 1,000,000 profiles, whether candidates, employees or recruitment professionals.

Today, over 3,500 companies use the AssessFirst solution to raise their performance by up to 25%, drive down their recruitment costs by 20% and reduce their employee turnover rate by 50%.

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