AssessFirst assesses employee motivation in 10 minutes with DRIVE

AssessFirst, a major provider of predictive recruitment solutions, is launching DRIVE, a tool capable of accurately assessing the compatibility between a candidate and an organisational culture. This new solution not only answers the question of “Is this the right candidate?” but also “Is this person likely to thrive and engage with my company?” AssessFirst is continuing to lend its support to HR directors and managers by evaluating a candidate’s ability to fit into a company or team.


Understand what (truly) motivates candidates and employees

After developing tests to predict employees’ aptitudes and personality, AssessFirst is going one step further by assessing motivation.

The aim is not to detect whether or not a person is motivated, but understand what actually motivates them. Everyone has different sources of motivation that determine their satisfaction and engagement with a job. AssessFirst has developed the DRIVE solution to analyse such motivations and guide recruitment professionals and managers accordingly,” explains David Bernard, CEO of AssessFirst.

The solution combines speed with performance, with less than 10 minutes needed to answer the 90 online questions. The questionnaire is available in six languages and can be used to assess the motivations of any individual, irrespective of job and level of experience.

With DRIVE, AssessFirst is delivering even greater support to companies for their recruitment process by enabling them to:

  • Anticipate candidates’ ability to fit in at three different levels: in the job, in the team and in the company.
  • Understand their preferred types of activity.
  • Evaluate the best way of managing them on a daily basis, as well as the organisational cultures that are compatible with the candidate’s fundamental values.


Improve employee well-being

DRIVE is based on the idea that employee engagement and satisfaction are determined by their compatibility with their work environment, especially in terms of relations with management, colleagues and the tasks required. As such, DRIVE illustrates a change in the way in which companies think about employee motivation: employees are not motivated in themselves, but are motivated by certain types of environment and people.

In AssessFirst’s view, it is essential to understand who the person is and the appropriate type of management style for improving their integration and well-being in the company,” explains David Bernard.

In addition to its use for the recruitment process, DRIVE has been designed for use by operations managers, regardless of their proficiency in evaluating talent. DRIVE gives managers access to practical advice on which strategies to deploy and the specific actions to be implemented in order to transform collaborations into success: type of tasks to be assigned to the person, the way of ensuring their engagement, the expected type of supervision or the way of expressing recognition.

DRIVE is therefore a real decision and management support tool that builds on the range of solutions developed by AssessFirst.


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