There is pandemonium in recruitment! Methods are diversifying and technologies are redesigning the process outline. To the point of forgetting a resume and interview for hiring? Not sure. To find their future department head in Lille, Lidl reserved “Atelier des Chefs”, a place where they can propose cooking courses. Far from presenting themselves, the candidates had to realise, by group,

In order to insure their success, startups specializing in recruitment are leaning on a technique that comes from e-commerce. What do the matching site Tinder, the e-commerce giant Amazon, and certain startups specializing in recruitment such as Hunteed, AssessFirst, Kudoz, and Clustree all have in common? They all use an algorithm to generate recommendations that help people find their soulmate, their

It’s the end of hand-sorting CVs. From the identification of rare gems to evaluation methods and candidate management, the digital revolution has shaken up recruiters’ habits – all while multiplying their efficiency. She’s barely put the black headset on when the hubbub of the recruiting fair fades away. Mathilde, engineering student, thought she was at the Thales stand. Suddenly she’s transported

Whether you’re on one side or the other of the barrier (the one who wants to “climb” OR the one who “gives good pointers”, it’s crucial to understand that natural performance is not the only criteria that commands (which should command…) the fact that a person will climb the ladder in the workplace. Today, many studies in psychology have highlighted