Paris, the 20th of March 2017 With the success of its online sales which increased by 100% in 2016, AssessFirst, the leading provider of predictive recruitment services in France, is today simplifying its online services offers to better respond to the needs and expectations of its clients. The company is now offering subscription packages directly from its website. This change makes

While the predictive approach allows recruitment professionals to radically improve the effectiveness of their selection processes, it nevertheless needs to be applied in a very rigorous way. Here are the 7 commandments that you should follow closely to ensure the successful implementation of your predictive recruitment projects. #1 Define your objectives Do you want to recruit better performing workers? More committed ones?

The people who find a way to cure the worst diseases are not tired and jaded researchers… they are passionate men and women. Take, for example, those working to send people to Mars right now (Hello! Elon Musk… ✌ ) or those who are obsessed with inventing new ways to produce energy that respects our planet… Do you think that

Everyone is hearing more and more about predictive recruitment. This new type of recruitment is allowing businesses everywhere to anticipate the capabilities of their candidates and their team members so that they can maximize their efficiency on the job. At AssessFirst, we have a firm belief that the combination of Big Data and human resources is not a new wave