When hiring a new employee, it is, obviously, to meet a need that we encounter here and now. Whether it’s software development, marketing, or business development, all companies are confronted with challenges that they must face immediately. However, all recruiters know that the key to a really successful recruitment involves selecting people capable of evolving to meet the challenges that

Last Thursday (February, 9th), we were invited by Paul Mandel company in order to talk about predictive recruitment with up to fifteen people. An evening based on the future of recruitment We would like to thank Alexandre Mandel for his invitation to share, with banking professionals and other consultants, our ideas on the evolution of Human Ressources and their specific issues. It was

Paris, 7th February 2017 Since 2014, AssessFirst has asserted its primacy in predictive recruitment in France. With a turnover of 2.7 million euros in 2016, the company has seen a 53% increase in activity relative to 2015, its best growth in 3 years. Between recruitment, international expansion, and transformation of its SaaS platform, the business continues to energise its activities and