Carrefour Market, the Carrefour Group supermarket chain, is transforming its recruitment practices to meet new challenges. As well as listening to its customers, Carrefour Market listens to its collaborators in the establishment of stores throughout France and its regional centres. When Thierry Bougerol arrived, he wanted to harmonise recruitment practices among the regions and modernise the recruitment process.

Currently present in finance and marketing, algorithms are starting to win in the recruitment sector. BHV Marais found the solution for discovering the rare pearl and avoiding the errors of hiring: predictive recruitment. “This is a technology that, through algorithms, reliably predicts the likelihood of success of an employee. By success, we mean performance and doing it to be happy and

What do we know about motivation in 2016? If the topic is addressed for decades, it nevertheless remains a general principle still too abstract, which is “to inspire people to get involved”. This requires, according to traditional research, for compensation and recognition to an individual. Yet, when we look at recent psychology studies, this is not what we should remember to