When hiring a new employee, it is usually to fill a present need. Whether it’s for the software development team, marketing department, or business development team, all companies are confronted with hiring challenges that they must handle immediately. However, If you’re stuck being reactive to your hiring needs, you might miss this important truth: the key to a successful hire involves

Paris, 07 July 2016 After an exceptional 2015, AssessFirst is stepping up its development. AssessFirst, the international leader in predictive recruitment solutions, ended the first half of 2016 with a revenue growth of almost 100%. There are two factors behind this success: on the one hand, gaining the loyalty of clients that are already using the solutions, and on the other hand, gaining

  The freedom of choice is a personal liberty in Western countries. The progress of our society is sure to maximize our individual freedom by maximizing our choices. When people have freedom, they have autonomy in their daily decision making and this improves the wellbeing of everyone.   The more we’re free, the greater our welfare… A study by Mark Lipper and Sheena Iyengar