Predictive recruitment is becoming the most advanced method for selecting employees. At the same time, the mobility policy in business has significantly developed with the establishment of career interviews and building career paths. The employees are in demand for change and businesses want to capitalize on the people who they trained and are a part of the project. The common point

Recruiters who say that they don’t see the utility of recruitment assistance tools, or who think that these tools endanger their positions are somewhat Aristotelian (scientifically speaking) in the HR environment. Understanding that those who remain anchored in a vision - not just analyzing and observing - manage to have a good analysis of the recruiting world in which we

For the past six months, not a week has gone by without an article being published on predictive recruitment. Presented by some as the future of the function of recruitment, it is decried by others because of its many limitations (real or imagined). Regardless, the conversation regarding predictive recruitment never ends!   At a time of heavy emphasis on reducing unemployment and when